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Proper use of plastic bucket molds to continuously produce high quality plastic bucket

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After the paint bucket mold has been successfully designed, processed and debugged, it can be put into the production process. Proper use and maintenance are important factors to ensure continuous and continuous production of high quality plastic products, and also extend the service life of paint bucket molds. Proper use and careful maintenance are of great significance for maintaining normal production and improving business efficiency.

Proper use of plastic bucket molds to continuously produce high quality plastic bucket

The operation of the paint bucket mold and pail moulds is actually done by the bucket molding machine, let's look down together:
1. the opening and closing mode speed and low voltage protection adjustment
During the mold opening or closing process of the pail mold, the speed change is regular with three speed levels of “slow-fast-slow”. In the process of closing the mold, in order to ensure that the template can be moved without creeping, the system pressure for advancing the moving template before the bucket mold is contacted is minimized.
2.  the clamping force adjustment
In normal production, the actual bucket is gradually adjusted from low to high depending on the specific conditions. When the plastic products are guaranteed to meet the quality requirements, low clamping force is used as much as possible.
3. the introduction of institutional adjustment
The launching mechanism of plastic products seriously affects the quality of plastic buckets products, and must be carefully and carefully adjusted to do the following aspects.
   3.1. Launch itinerary
Should ensure that the complete plastic products are ejected
   3.2. Number of launches
Generally, plastic products with a simple and deeper depth can be set up once, and plastic products with complex and deep depths can be set twice or even three times.
   3.3 Push speed
The speed of launch is related to the plastic raw materials, the structure of plastic products and the temperature of the mold. The speed is too high to break the plastic products, and should be adjusted from low to high, so as not to damage the plastic products.
4. bucket mold temperature control
The temperature of the bucket mold is closely related to the formed material and must be strictly controlled. On the one hand, it is necessary to calibrate the accuracy of the temperature control table frequently. On the other hand, it is necessary to observe whether the working state of the instrument is normal or not, and observe whether the cooling pipe is unblocked or in good condition to ensure the control precision of the mold temperature.
5.  plastic parts take out
The removal of the molded article is based on the size of the plastic product, and there are three methods of automatic attachment, manual removal, and robot removal. However, regardless of the working method and the method of picking up, it should be ensured that the workpiece and the casting system must be completely cleaned out during each work cycle. Especially when the bucket machine is in full-automatic operation, it is necessary to set the “removal part” as a necessary condition for controlling the bucket machine to enter the next working cycle. Otherwise, once the part is left in the bucket mold, the bucket machine performs the next cycle of clamping. In most cases, the bucket mold will be damaged, and even the bucket mold will be seriously deformed and scrapped, and sufficient attention must be paid.
6.  bucket mold cleaning
In production, plastic products, such as flash, scraps and material carbides, are usually retained in the cavity of the bucket mold. At this time, the cavity of the bucket mold must be cleaned. The specific operation is as follows.
1 Expend the maximum cost of the bucket mold, turn off the power supply to the hydraulic system of the molding mechanism, and all the power sources associated with the side shaft, and open the safety door for cleaning.
2 Cleaning tools must be made of aluminum or copper. Never use hard tools such as screwdrivers, boring tools and wrenches to avoid damage to the cavity surface.
3 The surface of the cavity of the bucket mold, especially in the case of the mirror surface, should not be rubbed by hand. If it is dirty, wipe it with a soft cotton cloth.
Once Huaheng is present in the 4 cavity, a full-time bucket mold repairer should be used for grinding.
7. Observation of working state of bucket mold
Mold working condition observation
It should be observed from time to time whether the action sequence of the bucket mold is correct, the start and end of the core puller, and whether the positioning, clamping, etc. are accurate and reliable, whether the sliding part and the guiding part of the bucket mold are seriously worn and bitten, and whether the ejector or the returning machine has a card. If you live, break, or have a poor movement, you should stop the problem immediately.
8. anti-rust
Some materials can be decomposed by thermal decomposition to produce corrosive gases, causing rust in the bucket mold, which usually occurs when the molding is suspended. Therefore, when the molding is stopped, the bucket mold must be wiped clean with a clean soft cloth, and the mold is closed to prevent corrosion caused by gases generated by other bucket machines around. When the molding is stopped for a long time, the cavity should be wiped, the rust inhibitor should be sprayed, the bucket mold should be closed, butter should be applied, and the gate should be blocked.
9.  unloading the mold into the warehouse
After the production of plastic products, the bucket molds are thoroughly cleaned, and the surface of the cavity, the key parts, the moving parts and the positioning are accurately and thoroughly examined. After the damage, the rust inhibitor is applied. Remove the bucket mold and lock it with the locking plate in the reverse of the procedure for mounting the mold. Finish the various accessories that are matched with the bucket mold, place it with the bucket mold, fill in the bucket mold usage record, and put the bucket mold into stock.

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