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The challenges Organizing plastic bucket mold production

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The challenges Organizing plastic bucket mold production
Plastic bucket Mold processing and manufacturing is a vital part of the development of injection molding products, and it is also a prerequisite for mass injection molding products to be put on the market. As mentioned above, as the development cycle of injection-molded products is shorter and shorter, the time required for bucket and pails mold development is becoming shorter and shorter, and the need for successful mold development is becoming more and more urgent. Therefore, it is based on experience. The traditional mold development model has obviously not been able to meet this need. It is imperative to seek a new mold development model. The parallel project of bucket mold processing and manufacturing is also a matter of course.
Implementing the parallel processing of bucket mould processing and manufacturing requires that the influence of various relevant factors in the subsequent links be fully considered in the early stage of design. To this end, it is necessary to first establish a multi-functional working group for bucket mould development composed of personnel from various departments. The mold production and operation process can be roughly divided into contract signing, bucket mould design (including process design and numerical control programming), material supply, bucket mould processing, trial bucket mould repair and cost accounting. These processes are not independent, they exist between them. Complex interdependence and mutual constraints. If these constraints are not considered, a large number of design rework will be caused, which not only wastes manpower and material resources, but also prolongs the mold production cycle, keeps the cost high, and the quality is difficult to control, thus losing the reputation and competitiveness of the enterprise. Therefore, it is necessary to form a parallel engineering working group of mold development including mold sales, mold design, process design, numerical control programming, mold processing, bucket mould assembly, bucket mould repair and quality inspection, and other professional personnel and user representatives. Thereby concentrating the wisdom of the masses as much as possible, obtaining the optimal design plan, reducing design rework and improving design quality.
In undertaking the bucket mould development task, the concurrent engineering development model emphasizes that each member of the working group always understands their duties and tasks, works together, and is jointly responsible for specific bucket mould development tasks. At the same time, with CAx, DFx and other parallel design support tools, all the influencing factors of the whole process of mold processing and manufacturing can be fully considered, analyzed and evaluated in the early stage of design and even quotation, and information release and design review are implemented by using parallel engineering methods and technologies. And design conflict detection and resolution.
From the perspective of organizational structure, the difficulty in implementing the parallel engineering of mold manufacturing is the collaborative work of the working group. As we all know, the bucket mould industry is more lacking in standardization and standardization than other industries. Most of the practitioners in the bucket mould industry from design to manufacturing to commissioning work according to their own experience, which means that many jobs are carried out with great healing. Due to the lack of relevant standardized technical documents, it is difficult to carry out collaborative work, and sometimes it is even difficult to implement. Of course, we can believe that with the passage of time, the members of the working group will have sufficient quality to cultivate and cooperate well. However, it is undoubtedly the most important and the first consideration to sort out and standardize the high-tech application specifications of the industry. 

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