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How to improve the life of the bucket mold

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Bucket mould is an important equipment in the production of various products, and is the master machine for manufacturing and processing materials. Therefore, it is very important for each processing and manufacturing enterprise to improve the service life of the mold, and it is of great significance for the improvement of productivity, the reduction of production cost and the guarantee of quality. So, what are the ways to improve the life of the mold?

Different companies have different methods for improving the service life of the mold. The most commonly methods, such as the use of high-grade alloy materials, can certainly improve the service life of the mold, but due to the high cost of high-grade alloy materials, the cost rises. Therefore, this method is not suitable for every enterprise.

Want to improve the life of the bucket mould, but also to save costs, the hook net tells everyone can try to use heat treatment to refine the grain. The use of grain refinement to improve the mechanical properties of the material can simultaneously increase the strength at room temperature and also increase the fatigue limit. Moreover, the obtaining of fine crystal grains is also relatively simple, and can be obtained by appropriate heat treatment. Cyclic ultra-fine heat treatment is a common method for heat treatment to refine grains. It only performs two processes of heating and cooling in the cyclic heat treatment, which is a relatively simple and easy grain refining method.

At one time, the cycle ultra-fine heat treatment was only used to cast Ti-46Al-8.5Nb-0.2W alloy, which transformed its coarse ply structure into a uniform fine porridge structure. Now, this heat treatment can also be applied to carbon tool steel materials, and also to achieve ultra-fine grain. Its heat treatment process uses two salt bath furnaces. The workpiece is placed in a high temperature salt bath furnace and heated to the normal quenching temperature, and then quickly transferred to another salt bath furnace for cooling, so that the cycle is repeated, and finally a high temperature is performed. Quenched and then tempered for two hours.

The processing test shows that the carbide and retained austenite are uniformly distributed in spherical particles after the cycle ultra-fine heat treatment, and the martensite is relatively small. For the steel rotor core of the steel, the convex and concave bucket moulds are subjected to four cycles of heat treatment, and the service life can be increased by more than 30%, and the crack generation is obviously effective.

The above method can be used to obtain a uniform and fine structure. The principle is that the rapid heating and the cyclic treatment are utilized to rapidly perform heating, and a large amount of austenite crystal nucleus is formed, and fine crystal grains appear and are obtained; The faster the process is carried out, the greater the temperature difference, and the better the refinement effect.

Increasing the number of times of this process also gives good results. Repeated heating and cooling can promote nucleation on the one hand and further refine the nucleation crystal on the other hand. Each time the austenite grains are refined, the nucleation rate of the next austenitization increases.

Before the process is cycled, the hardness and impact of the sample will increase, and the results of each cycle will be different. The hardness value and the impact value are significantly improved after 3-5 cycles of heat treatment. After the same procedure, the hardness and impact values ​​of the samples did not change significantly. About 6 times will be close to the boundaries of refinement. If the cycle is performed at this time, the heat treatment efficiency is not greatly improved, so the number of cycles is preferably 4-5 times.

Cyclic ultra-fine heat treatment is one of the effective methods to improve the precision punching die. Although the process is relatively complicated, the effect is obvious for the result. But the problem that most companies face now is that the understanding of this process is not enough, and experts need to be instructed to help. The hook net is a website dedicated to processing and manufacturing. While providing external processing information, it also provides technical support for the majority of practitioners to help enterprises solve various problems they face.

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